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Gender 101 article

08/08/2008  |  9 Comments

It took a long (loooong) time, but I finally finished writing an article on Gender 101 for Eden Fantasys.From the... more

What happened in July

08/08/2008  |  2 Comments

July was a big month! I'm refining the topics & categories that I'm beginning to consistently write here, and I... more

Protected: moving backward, moving forward

08/07/2008  |  Enter your password to view comments.

I wrote this a week ago, in the thick of the emotional aftermath of the breakup with Penny and in... more

psst … post script, on eye candy

08/07/2008  |  13 Comments

Part of the deal of me posting eye candy is that you, as readers and appreciators of the butch/femme dynamic,... more

August’s masthead: combating lesbian bed death

08/07/2008  |  9 Comments

August's masthead is up. Late, I know. I've got some more elaborate ideas for photos that I really want to... more

if I was being really honest

08/06/2008  |  19 Comments

If I was being really honest with myself, I would _________________. [ Leave a comment here or put it on your... more

femme conference countdown!

08/06/2008  |  5 Comments

The Femme Conference is next week! August really came on me fast, I can't believe the summer's almost over. Wait,... more

what happened on sexblogs this week (sugasm 143)

08/06/2008  |  2 Comments

This Week’s PicksAnti-Porn Protest Gets Weird: “People get very excited about their causes and lack the sense to see if... more

eye candy: Dani

08/06/2008  |  17 Comments

(click for the full size) "Dani loves forensics, hip hop and rock, her animals, coffee, fishing, being choked and boobs. She... more

Oh look, Sinclair talks about cocks. Again.

08/04/2008  |  1 Comment

I just got Vixskins packing cock Goodfella from Eden this week - it is made to pack with, so its... more