eye candy: standing around

August 12, 2008  |  miscellany

I ran into this shot of Jenni from butch.org recently, and she kindly gave permission for me to reprint it here.

The caption read: “What Do I Do at Frameline32? I stand around outside the theater just waiting to see who I will run into (pictured here at the Victoria this past Sunday night before the Transtastic program). Sometimes I even go inside and watch the movies.”

And here’s a bit about Jenni: Jenni Olson is one of the world’s leading experts on LGBT cinema history. Author of The Queer Movie Poster Book (2005, Chronicle Books), Jenni founded PopcornQ at PlanetOut.com back in 1995 and continues to write about and actually make queer film. Her feature debut, The Joy of Life is now available on DVD.

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  1. Do they pull all you hotties aside and teach you that lean?

    And I love those sneakers which (of course) match the belt. Nice.

  2. haha, greg, precisely the two things i thought when i saw this!

  3. Very cool indeedy! Will have to see the DVD.

  4. RIGHT greg!!!! It's like all the hottie buxas go to the 'butch lean' seminar.. :)

    A very nice pic indeed.

  5. love the style. slick. hot. and great jeans for packing. :)

  6. The butch lean strikes again! love it..

  7. Too funny, "the stand" is what got me, also! I was reading a piece recently about how difficult it is to define the word "cool" – I think the way butch womyn stand, walk, lean captures the very essence of cool (oh, and hot!) – who else can do THAT?

  8. That lean almost causes me to crash my car every time I see some sexy butch against a wall. And this one would make me slam on my breaks most certainly.

  9. The expression is nothing but swagger and I love it.

  10. Sigh. Love it when you butch ladies do this. I trip up in my heels every damn time. You'd def. make me embarrass myself.

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