eye candy: gloves

August 19, 2008  |  miscellany

“Debs is incredibly handsome & strong. She is chivalrous, passionate, brave and loving. She loves life, riding her motor bike and pinning me down! Lucky me! What a woman!” – Rose

(Rose sent a second photo, too, with a better shot of the bike. I’ve got serious motorcycle envy here.)

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  1. Woo! hotstuff!! and can I say she's even hotter in real life?…

  2. yum….there's just something about that look…

  3. mmm…what sexy eyes! so intense and beautiful in both pics. love that smile on the bike!

  4. Mmm, very nice :) My partner is looking at bikes right now, I can't wait 'til she finds one! Something about that leather and the power of a motorcycle…


  5. Lucky Lucky Rose! So strong yet so cute! Love the bike- can I go on the back?!! Oh and those blue eyes……

  6. Take me on the highway baby! X

  7. What an absolute S T U D !!

  8. Loving the gloves- hot stuff!

  9. hot. even moreso if my suspicion is true that this lovely person lives across the pond.

  10. Fabulous photo and certainly looking fantastic – for your age ;-) x

  11. Yep, that's my baby! She's HOT STUFF! A highly kissable, sexy, STUD! (And yes, freedomgirl, we're on the other side of the pond – in London.) She makes me feel…ooh… like the luckiest woman on the planet!

  12. oh yum. rose, you are a lucky woman indeed!

  13. oh! gloves. thank you. I have many, many gloves, but they're all the kid leather-and-bows kind. these are way better.

  14. Mmmm leather, motorcycle, butch… yesplz!

  15. Damn, that's hot!! Where are all the hot butches where I live?!

  16. Looking at her picture makes me all squirmy inside. :)

  17. She is gorgeous. Rose can I borrow her? I would like to ride the whole ensemble.

  18. Yummy!!!! Would love to flutter my femmy eye lashes her way!!!!

  19. OMG. If it ever don't work out with me and Brad then its you and me all the way to paradise. I hope you like kids!!

  20. I'd keep yer helmet polished for ya! x

  21. Incredibly handsome yes….pin me down anytime Debs!

  22. She's hot stuff…

    But what's behind the ice cream…..?

  23. I can confirm she's hot stuff alright!

  24. My baby is beautiful isn’t she? Thanks for all of your comments but there really will be NO borrowing!!!! ;-)

  25. Great leather. Great bike. Great butch.

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