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As of 2/8/16 This product is no longer available at Babeland

I was just speaking about packing cocks, so now I’ll throw you a little review of the Undercover Harness from Babeland.

I’m in the market for a new harness. The harness I’ve loved for a few years now is slipping from it’s #1 ranks because it’s not staying tight enough, so when I had the chance to check this one out, I jumped at it.

I need a new good one.

I’m skeptical of two-strap harnesses, because I like how thin one-straps (aka “g-string style”) hit my clit while I’m fucking. But I love where my cock sits in this harness:perfectly over my clit. It’s slung low, and feels great.

It’s comfortable going on & off, no buckles, pulls on like undies. There’s something appealing about that, I guess because it doesn’t take as long to mess with and pull taut and get it sitting just right.

Great for packing under clothes, since it’s smooth, no big buckles to poke into tender or fleshy places.

At first, I thought this harness was going to be too small, as the elastic was tight and even cut into my hips a bit. But when fucking with it, the elastic was even a bit too stretchy (or maybe I fuck a bit too hard) and I didn’t feel the precision that I like, the straining against leather and feeling it pulling and pressing against my hips. I like it to be this push-pull dance of pressure, not just me and my sex partner, but me and my cock, me and my harness. There is some of that with this harness, and it does have a nice push-pull part because of the elastic.

There are some great things about this harness and I’m glad to have it, but it’s not quite The Perfect Harness. I’ll keep looking.

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2 thoughts on “review: undercover harness”

  1. Miss Avarice says:

    I saw that one on my trip to babeland, but alas they didn’t have Dana’s size. I was also worried that the frontpiece would be sharp on her belly. Have you had that issue? I opted for one called “Terra Firma” which has a removable leather panel, so it can be used with just the straps, or with the added security of the leather frontpiece. Dana likes that secure fit. “It doesn’t make me feel like my cock’s falling off” she says, comparing it to other harnesses. Since I wanted to get the Undercover in the first place, I’m thinking I may soon invest in it.

  2. s says:

    spare parts joque harness, by far the best. go for it!

    you could probably find it cheaper than that, i sure did! it velcros on so straps aren't really an issue and it is comfortable! sits perfectly to give both me and my lady everything we ever wanted.

    [I keep hearing high praises sung about this harness, but have yet to get my hands on one. I tend to like harnesses that have a lot less fabric, which is partially why I'm not totally sold on it. But I should try it out before I form too many opinions! Thanks for reminding me – ss ]

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