What Happened in May

May was an incredibly busy month for me – not only did I take two trips out of New York City, I also had visitors, performances, writing deadlines, and started seeing Penny a bit more seriously. I took a break mid-month and didn’t do any writing here for more than a week, so it was a fairly light month in the number of posts.

The new masthead quote comes from a conversation with Ally, long ago. The photo is a snippet of my tie collection. Kind of a departure from the usual black-and-white I’ve been going for, but hey, it’s summer now, seems fitting.

Here’s what happened in May:



  • On misperceiving someone as femme or butch, and then a follow up further clarifying was the hinge of this past month. In fact, I got so frustrated by the conversations around these posts that I stopped writing for a while and took a break. It’s hard to do this kind of gender writing and work sometimes, I guess I just needed to step back and think about it, and attempt to get to a place where I was not taking it so seriously.
  • Eventually, I posted gender frustrations and clarifications about my response to those two posts, and some round-up thoughts on onward & upward, gender explorers. I’m not going to stop writing entirely, but I do need slightly more structure and, occasionally, self-protection around this work, because sometimes, clearly, it gets to me.



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9 thoughts on “What Happened in May”

  1. lady brett says:

    what a wonderful collection!

    referring to the ties, but now that i mention it, the collection of stuff that happened in may is pretty great too =)

  2. muse says:

    your tie rack is the sexiest tie rack I've ever met, or imagined.

    good work on gender in May, Sin. thank you.

  3. Jan says:

    June's banner says it all….This woman wants to be in your head and your bed. Unfortunately you are too young for me/I am too old for you.

  4. Essin' Em says:

    I agree with all of the above. Except that unlike Jan, I also wanted to be in your stories, but luckily, that happened :)

    Moreover, I'm more likely to be too young for you, not the other way around :)

  5. Samantha says:

    Well, I guess I should say that I am just perfect for you ;)

    Your site is a delight.

  6. Ally says:

    Those are definitely some lucky ladies in your head and in your bed…

  7. jaleelah says:

    hi sinclair, i've been reading your blog for a couple of months now, and i love it! i would love the password, since you're still offering to give it out. and unfortunately i was too busy to comment then, but i appreciated your posts and conversations on misperceiving someone as femme or butch. tough stuff that needs to be talked about!

    — xo from a loving femme fan in mpls

  8. greta says:

    i'd appreciate the add!

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