learn to use that safeword, honey

June 20, 2008  |  essays

Wear a short skirt or dress, the shortest you have. Nothing underneath. Bare legs. Bare feet.

The extent of force will be up to you. If you want me to enter unannounced, unlock the door to your apartment at 9:28. I’ll be arriving at 9:30.

If you want to let me in, keep the door locked, and I will knock. But we won’t speak. No small talk, no chit-chat. You can say things in character – however much you like. You don’t have to pretend you don’t know me, you can still ask what are you doing and you can say no. You can struggle.

But I won’t stop.

You have a safeword now. You’re going to have to use it.

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  1. Wow, Sinclair. Wow. I, uh, yeah. I very much want to be pushed to that point…I want to know what it is to feel to much, to feel the safeword burst from my lips. I want to know that it won't stop till I say the Word, no matter how I may protest.

    Thanks for this.

  2. I like that you thrust the safeword out into the air, dangling it, baiting with it to the point that I wouldn't want to use it… just to prove how much I can take. I don't think you need to do much aspiring in the stud realm. It's all there… that boiling you feel just under the surface. It's validated in every post, each strong statement, in your convictions, and in your masculinity. So hot!!! (PS – password please!)

  3. And now we go take a cold shower.

  4. Wow, did the temperature just go off the scale or what??

    my fevered little brain is going to store this little nugget away to play with later…..

  5. fuck, you are such a badass. rawk!

  6. wow. that’s rather amazing.

  7. i’ve been waiting *for days* for some type of follow-up to this post. the aftermath, if you will. please say one is coming? xo!

  8. Sigh… such an amazing crush I have on you, baby…


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