how suave I really am

June 16, 2008  |  journal entries

“You could come to my house. I have a dress you could borrow for work tomorrow.”

“Uh, I appreciate that, but, ya know, I think your clothes would be too small for me.”


“We really need a teleporter. We could go to my place, get my clothes, go back to your place …”

“And get your cock.”

“Oh, I have that on me.” I’d been packing all night.

“You do?!” She grabbed my fly for proof.

“Yeah. You know my motto – I’d rather have a cock and not need it, than need it and not have it.

“Dammit, what were we doing? Now I feel like the whole night’s been wasted.”

“You didn’t want to talk identity politics and buddhist philosophy and BDSM theory? I knew it, you’re just using me for my socks.”


“I mean sex. Cocks! Fuck.”

Penny laughed. “I’m going to have to start writing for Sugarbutch to show how suave you really are.”

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  1. Hilarious. Thanks for that :).

  2. This made me laugh and laughter is sexy to me so there! Still sexy, even without the suave. ;)

  3. hey, at least it wasn't a scock…

  4. LOL! smoooooooooooooooth. :)

  5. oh, you're suave all right. and I know for a fact you have great taste in … socks.

  6. Tres amusing.

    Hey, suave gentleman that you are, I bet you could tell me the right way to fold a bandanna for flagging…because I'm having a horrible time of it!

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