surrender …

… Dorothy!

¬†Congratulations to Ms. Snarker over at Dorothy Surrenders – “a gay girl’s guide to pop culture” – for being named The Lesbian Lifestyle Blog of the Year! I really enjoy her smart & sassy commentary on homo-flexible celebreality.

7 thoughts on “surrender …”

  1. Polly says:

    What she said. Classy, period.

    An honor and a pleasure.

  2. green-eyed girl says:

    (pouting and stomping feet) sigh. ok then, congratulations to her. But you will always be #1 to me!

  3. Jan says:

    boo hoo, Sinclair. I wanted you to win!

  4. sinclair says:

    Thanks all :) I accepted inevitable defeat pretty early on. I think the topics and content here on SBC are just too specific, they don't have the wide-reaching audience that lesbian celebrity pop-culture does, which totally makes sense that Dorothy would win by popular vote. Plus she's a fabulous writer, very amusing and fun.

    I was really thrilled to make it to the top 5, what an honor!

  5. saintchick says:

    Like what Green-eyed Girl said.. I am pouting about this. I even tried to vote twice but got busted.. There is no one like you !

  6. Terroni says:

    you’re so classy in defeat :)

  7. dorothy snarker says:

    Hey Sinclair,

    Thanks for the very gracious congratulations. It was lovely being nominated alongside you. You run an amazing site and I feel lucky to be among such fantastic, thoughtful and — let's be honest — sexy writers. cheers!

    Ms. Snarker

    [Right back atcha, I am thrilled to be among this final 5 too. Such an honor! — ss]

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