Messin’ With Your Gender Paradigm


I posted this a few months ago, but it seems fitting to revisit. (At the time, I couldn’t bring myself to use the proper lolspeak, although now I see it as a dialect and this photo looks all wrong.)

Operating outside of the heteronormative paradigm is subversive, and challenges the dominant discourse. Gender identity exploration can be very, very threatening.

 I love that. I love gender as a tool to examine binaries, to tear down expectations, to encourage and support people to become more fully themselves, more fully realized and comfortable and celebrated.  

Or, as the riot grrrl in me is dying to say: let’s fuck shit up!

2 thoughts on “Messin’ With Your Gender Paradigm”

  1. lady brett says:

    i’m repeating myself, but this rocks my socks

    also, thanks for the LOLcode link…that’s hot nerd-on-nerd right there ;)

  2. Dosia says:

    Come on Sinclair, just change the text! You've got mad skillz, right?

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