jack: portrait

March 15, 2008  |  miscellany

jack: self portrait
Jack: Portrait

from Jacket’s Girl: “a picture of my smokin’ hot butch…
I know I’m biased and all, but damn!”

Thanks for the photos so far! Send more, I’m liking this new idea. It’s not only to add a little bit of visual interest to SBC, but also as celebration of the butch aesthetic. Photos of butch/femme couples are absolutely welcome too … keep ‘em coming. 


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  1. Straight girl here…. this is so yummy for me. It’s strange that I am finding myself so attracted to the butch girls, who’d have thought? Thanks for expanding my horizons.

  2. of course, I'm such a fan of the butch aesthetic, and I love seeing the range of female masculinity. what better place for it? thank you for finally pandering to your adoring femme community, sinclair!

  3. WOW !

    Lucky Girl, but I bet she by now already knows this.

    Thanks again.. ohhh.. how I love eye candy !

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