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An Elegant Blindfold

02/23/2008  |  2 Comments

A friend turned me on to this silk and suede blindfold called Wink from Jimmyjane, and I really want one.... more

k.d. lang’s Watershed

02/23/2008  |  4 Comments

When I saw k.d. lang perform live recently for the first time, I was so incredibly invested in and taken... more

further thoughts on privilege & gender

02/22/2008  |  7 Comments

One more thing:To Belle, and to the femmes I've dated and fucked and longingly admired: Thank you.Thank you for swooning... more

passing, privilege, & butch/femme

02/22/2008  |  6 Comments

In response to what Belle wrote about privilege, guilt, and butch/femme:I can't speak (write) for all butches, and I do... more

password protection

02/22/2008  |  350 Comments

If you'd like to be included on the password email list, leave a comment with your email (and blog URL,... more

Protected: occasionally practically

02/20/2008  |  Enter your password to view comments.

I've been toying with the Sugarbutch layout because I'm adding BlogAds, which needed to be positioned at a certain place... more

upon leaving mexico

02/19/2008  |  10 Comments

I can't figure out how to shut the door or turn on the light, but then finally I push hard... more

lesbian lifestyle finalist!

02/19/2008  |  4 Comments

Sugarbutch Chronicles is a finalist for the Lesbian Blog of the Year Award from The Lesbian Lifestyle! Thanks so much... more

the therapy session

02/15/2008  |  7 Comments

The Saturday that Miss DD was visiting me in New York City, we attempted to go out to a queer... more

Body Electric School 2008 Spring Programs, NYC

02/09/2008  |  1 Comment

I've been to many of these Body Electric workshops for women over the past 8 years or so, and I... more