little bitta housekeeping

I’ve been reworking this site a bit, as you can probably tell (assuming you’re not reading this via RSS) and I’ve tightened up the categories especially. I’ve written out explanations for them here in the new archive section if you’re interested in a little more details on the girls & the ways I’m organizing things.

Also, you can subscribe to Sugarbutch Chronicles via any RSS feeder, and if you’re a regular blog reader (not just of me, but of various blogs) and you don’t use a RSS feeder, I gotta say, you are really missing out. This is THE most handy blog tool that’s come along in a long time. You can also subscribe to the comments made on SBC, if you’re interested in how the community responds. I imagine the comments are mostly just useful to me, but sometimes the comments on the theory and gender stuff are really fantastic and add a lot to the discussion.

I’m trying to mimic Figleaf and edit comments to reply instead of adding new comments, so if you don’t see “Sinclair on ____” over in the comment sidebar, I still may’ve replied to you. Would it be best if I sent you an email reply too? Hmm. I’m still strategizing.

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