An Elegant Blindfold

February 23, 2008  |  reviews

wink blindfold

A friend turned me on to this silk and suede blindfold called Wink from Jimmyjane, and I really want one. Or, perhaps more accurately, I really want a girl to give one to.

More versatile than your favorite scarf, this suggestive accessory can ravel while you unravel. Made of over 3 yards of 100% hand dyed silk cut on the bias, it provides more than enough comfort and just enough yield. The fabric softens beautifully with use & time. We’ve been known to slide off the mask and wear it out on the town — our little secret.

Each side of the supple suede mask is embroidered to help you get what you want. One side shows the universal symbol of snooze: the Z! Wear it nightly as a decadent sleep mask, or flip it over and flash your partner the come-hither heart.

They’re even more elegant in person.

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  1. Thank you for visiting my corner of the web tonight. Your first comment–someone who truly gets it–it was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you, Sinclair.

    And the blindfold? Well, it reminds me a bit of an eye pillow I use, which renders me unconscious almost immediately. I’m so fucking exhausted all the time, I was thinking, “I bet I’d sleep great with that thing.”

    Then I realized, “Oh, people with more energy might use that for sex.”

    It was a real ah ha moment.

    [ I LOVE eye pillows! they also put me to sleep. blindfolds, though, aren’t heavy enough – I find it’s the weight that calms me more than the darkness. Hahaha – love your aha moment :) — ss]


  1. what happened in February

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