a year’s worth of faces

Bill Wadman’s brilliant 365 Portraits project has, sadly, come to a close. It was inevitable, I suppose, as it was a temporary project, but still, I’m a bit sad. I looked forward to his new photos on my reader every day, and I went over many of the months again and again, finding new details and new appreciation of the depth of the photos and Bill’s craft.

He photographed me once upon a time, some wonderful shots in a suit & tie.

These are my very favorites:

Andrea Mann, jazz vocalist
Jenn Matthews, skeptic of the art mecca
Molly Crabapple, illustrator/suicide girl/dr. sketchy
Thomas Gilner, nihilistically astute sesquipedalian
Carl Wilson, grand canyon junkie
Renata Terase, little waitress
Melissa Febos, writer

And these deserve mention – as do about twenty other shots, it’s hard to narrow it down. Roughly in order of time: Daria Kossowska, restaurant manager, Rachel Kramer Bussel, erotic author / cupcake blogger, Rachel Bennett, instigator, Danny Adrian, birthday boy / terribly nice guy, Laura Wenning, contemporary dancer of emerging markets, Logan Levkoff, sexologist/author/mommy, Max Saltonstall, autumnal juggler, Jennifer Dziura, nerd goddess, Jose, dreamer of the eponymous one man show dream, Shawn Carney, artist/geek, Paul Meriac, intuitively navigating through life, Sean Risley, body story writer, Eric Chaikin, natural history and documentary filmmaker, Sarah Herrington, writer, poet, midnight yogi, Imogen Heap, singer-songwriter.

5 thoughts on “a year’s worth of faces”

  1. Rona says:

    These are beautiful. Thanks for posting something I otherwise would never have seen.

  2. Shannon says:

    Molly Crabapple's portrait is ethereal and lovely… he is very talented. I remember loving yours as well. Playful and perhaps a bit coy, as well.

  3. Sinclair says:

    I *love* Molly's, so very much. Possibly my very favorite, though it's so hard to pick only one.

    You were sneaky, Shan, finding my picture in there :)

  4. Miss Avarice says:

    I think yours was very revealing of your current lifestyle. It's interesting that he chose that one for you. anonymous limbs and all…

  5. dylan says:

    I really enjoyed the picture he picked for you as well, especially looking back on it. The anonymity really was reflective of the aspiring stud you've become…

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