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11/21/2007  |  No Comments

Link: A particularly articulate rant about Trans Remembrance Day, "since everyone's ga-ga for dead gender deviants this week:"All we have... more

remembering those lost

11/20/2007  |  2 Comments

Today is the Trans Day of Remembrance in honor of the genderqueer and trans lives lost to hate crimes. From the... more

a milestone

11/20/2007  |  2 Comments

Sugarbutch Chronicles just passed 100,000 hits.I was on the site when it happened, but somehow missed it! I saw 99,983... more

Damn Thirsty

11/20/2007  |  1 Comment

FirstThe fish needs to say,"Something ain't right about thisCamel ride -And I'mFeeling so damnThirsty." - Hafiz

will my cock get sucked?

11/20/2007  |  2 Comments

I stood at the foot of the bed. Standing up made me realize that my jeans were still unzipped, belt... more

what sex bloggers do when we get together

11/19/2007  |  15 Comments

Viviane's tea party of sex bloggers yesterday was yet again an amazing gathering. The conversation was mostly sex & general... more

modified eros: erotic body modification art show

11/19/2007  |  2 Comments

The ever-amazing Audacia Ray has curated an erotic body modification art show here in New York City, and while I... more

anonymity and a writer’s life

11/17/2007  |  5 Comments

Funny how once one thing changes, one big thing, it seems to cascade and everything else starts changing, too. Understandings... more

a few recommendations

11/17/2007  |  1 Comment

Well, it's Saturday morning, and I am partaking in my recent Saturday morning ritual, which includes listening to Dan Savage's... more

femmes as a trans identity

11/13/2007  |  11 Comments

Wish I could embedd this video, but it appears to be disabled - nevertheless, watch the FtF: Female to Femme... more