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October 12, 2007  |  essays

But what is femme? For me, femme is the confident way I move through space. It is the soft outside that couches a tough-as-nails interior. Femme is my unique strengths, the way I wear my clothes, the way I fuck, the way I create, the way I structure my relationships, the way I live in my body. And femme is the way I want the world to treat me. I love having butches open doors for me. I love having my chair pulled out, assistance with my coat, a strong hand on the small of my back guiding me through a crowd. But Femme is also the way my voice carries when I’m wanting to be heard, the way I can take charge of a situation and handle a crisis. Being femme is having a core of pure steel and being able to lay it down and be vulnerable- because of, not in spite of, my strength.via moxie’s flickr. Any idea where this comes from?

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  1. now that you mention it, that might be why i'm unsure about identifying as femme. because femme is strong, and (while i have my strengths) i am not strong, not like the people i identify as femme. maybe.dunno the source, though.

  2. can't find source eitherwow. definition of me.

  3. damnit. i KNOW i've read that before.. i'm reading 'Girl Meets Girl' and i looked through there and don't see it.. i skimmed 'Stone Butch Blues' [thinking maybe Theresa said it?]…this is going to drive me nuts.

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