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September 7, 2007  |  dirty stories

I want you to only address me as Sir.

I want you to start playing with your clit ten minutes before I arrive, but under no circumstances are you allowed to come.

I want you wearing high heels and a short skirt with nothing underneath.

I want your safeword to be carnation, which means, you can yell no all you like, but I will not stop.

I want you ready to bend over my lap struggling as I spank you. Lift your dress up and turn your ass-cheeks red until my hand hurts. And then you’ll kiss it, suck my fingers, make it better. I’ll scold you for making me all hard and wanting, and you’ll straddle me and ride.

I want your explicit consent. I want your permission and submission.

I want you to know how to draw it from me. I am afraid of my own power. I want you to pull these cruelties from me, to beg for them. I want to take your energy and mine into one huge fireball that I will weild and you will receive. I want your surrender. I want you to make me feel like the biggest, baddest top in the room, even if I’m not.

Can you do that for me?

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  1. Yes, please.Ahem. Carnations as a safe word is possibly the cutest thing ever.

  2. Oh, when you put it that, I sure could.Carnation is a sweet safe word. Mine is tiddlywinks (not my idea), but when I actually had to use it, it came out twiddly-fuckin-winks.

  3. my, when you put it that way…

  4. I love carnations, but I don’t think I will be saying it….

  5. how very… forward of you

  6. rowr. i love it when you get all aggro.

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