there’s a reason some things are cliche

August 24, 2007  |  journal entries
Email to Joy:

Subject: hi, this is me emailing you

day after. my impulse is to be poetic and make reference to the willow tree while walking home, the curve of your hip, the way our bodies fit against each other in quiet moments, the way you move, smell, taste.

but then that sounds all dramatic.

so I’ll just say, I had a great night with you. there is still more I want to know. let’s do it again.

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  1. very nice balance of poetic & practical … just the right amount of vulnerable & capable.

  2. *closes eyes and pretends she's the Joy addressed*…but wait…that one's a top…right. Damn, illusion ruined.Lovely, though.

  3. i wish sometimes that i had a significant name. Like joy, or grace. Or patience. I know a girl named patience. So peaceful, so at ease.

  4. actually, what i meant to say was that it was a lovely, and appropriately-worded e-mail, and thank you for sharing!

  5. thanks ladies. I worried it came across a little *too* sweet, so it's nice to hear it would be received well.

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