All this gender analysis & discourse lately made this pop into my head on my commute this morning … I’d prefer it to be a photo of me, but since I’m still attempting to maintain a shred of anonymity, Marlena Dietrich will have to do. She kind of makes it a little more playful, actually, less like an identity and more like a costume, which I actually like, although it has a slightly different meaning this way.PS: I know lolcats usually use a much less gramatically correct syntax, but I think the point still comes across. kthxbye.

5 thoughts on “lolgender”

  1. Terroni says:

    Ahh…those cheekbones, those eyes, that voice. Falling in love again…I can't help it.

  2. AlwaysArousedGirl says:

    I Fuckin'LoveThat.:)

  3. lady brett says:

    ha! Awesome!

  4. Bad Bad Girl says:

    Oh that's awesome!!!

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