continuing to purge

I have a small confession: I read self-help personal development books. I may have mentioned this before; it’s one of my few somewhat-embarassing, guilty indulgences. Some of them are a fantastic combination of philosophy, sociology, psychology, and spirituality, and I find all of those topics fascinating. (Some of them, of course, are horrible condescending things written by wackos. I don’t tend to read those.)

In a book with a fairly horrible title (I do recommend the author’s other works, as well), Laurence Boldt introduces the Integrated Life Matrix. I scanned it to share with you.

I find this organization of life’s pursuits and categories incredibly soothing. Everything fits. It’s all about the balance.

2 thoughts on “continuing to purge”

  1. Dylan says:

    reading “self improvement” books is nothing to be embarrassed about. it shows a sense of self awareness and the desire to improve and grow. i am absolutely down with these types of books too, and they have proved very useful in organizing my life, getting into the right types of relationships, seeing my goals materialize.

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