sex with a boy?

I may be getting quite the boycrush on Joe My God … and rumor has it (ahem, he told me) he’s into butches.Now, you readers have been quite forgiving of me lately, considering I just slept with another top – I was fully expecting the comments about how I’m ‘not a real top’ to start coming. (And the femme top told me she did get some of those comments. I wonder if that’s a gender thing – a form of sexism. Mhm.) But what would you do if I decided to fuck a gay boy?

I probably wouldn’t. First, there’s the penis issue. Then, there’s the sweaty boy smell. Sorry to say it, but not only are those not turn-ons, they are explicit turn-offs. No offence, boys – it’s one of those physiological things.

Joe’s got some awesome radical politics, though, which I do find quite sexy. Ask him sometime about the much-needed collaboration between the queens and the butches, the dykes & the gays.

4 thoughts on “sex with a boy?”

  1. tongue-tied says:

    IMHO, parts is just parts and they are ALL good, in right relation …

  2. birdonthewirenyc says:

    i've read his posts. who wouldn't want to fuck him?

  3. mollybennett says:

    what would you do if I decided to fuck a gay boy?

    Be very, VERY jealous.

    But I’m not sure which of you I’d be jealous of! ;)

  4. Terroni says:

    “Sex with a boy?”
    Yes, please.

    As one who enjoys both sex with a boy and your sexy writing, I really wouldn’t mind if you did it and then wrote about it. Mmmm…that would be yummy.

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