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small glitch in the star contest

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I was just looking a bit closer at the entires so far, and I have some bad news -- I... more

Protected: how I continue to move on

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I noticed that I wrote "the more specific you are, the more of a challenge it'll be for me to... more

submissions, so far

07/21/2007  |  3 Comments

I've got four submissions so far. Keep 'em coming folks! Ten more days and the polls are closed.So far, I've... more

some amendments

07/19/2007  |  2 Comments

to the list:Famous (fuckable) Femmes: BitchFamous Butches: Daniela Sea Julie Goldman - if you haven't seen Commitment Ceremony, I highly recommmend it.


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I am delicate. This tough guise comes along with the collared shirts - briefs - jackets in mud puddles - but it is... more

four chambered heart

07/19/2007  |  2 Comments

I have said you give me wingsI have said though I have been collecting feathers, downy and sweet, flight and contour and semiplume feathers, bristle and... more

what happens when a friendship ends

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You tell me, look in the mirror all you’ll see is betrayal but the words aren’t yours to give. The reflection shows no... more

famous femmes I would fuck in a heartbeat

07/19/2007  |  8 Comments

I'm particularly thinking of women who are out as lesbian (rather than bi - if I counted bisexual celebrity women,... more

calling all bloggers

07/17/2007  |  No Comments

If you feel so inspired to put a link on your blog back to the Sugarbutch Star contest, please link... more

sugarbutch star: form submission

07/17/2007  |  2 Comments

I'm sorry to say, the form is cutting off entries. I'm working to rebuild it. Meanwhile, please email me your... more