get fantasizin’!

The submissions are pouring in – by which I mean, I have six. They’re good ones, though, all of them. People, you’ve got today & tomorrow, get crackin’. Or should I say, get fantasizin’.Some notable new submissions include: a sexy fat femme in a swanky hotel bar that then retires into a suite, complete with withholding & begging; and what happens to me after a femme top arrives with her dick & harness in her purse, ready to use this. (Gulp. Holy. Crap.)

There were some folks I had hoped to hear from, especially those of you in the New York sex blogging scene. Perhaps I didn’t shout the contest from the rooftops enough?

Well – I suppose I have now. (Thanks Dacia!)

2 thoughts on “get fantasizin’!”

  1. Becca says:

    I was thinking about submitting, but I didn't know what to come up with! Eep! Ok, I still have time. I'll try and think of something…

  2. Ms. Avarice says:

    the amount of trust it would take to get me into something like that is… incalculable. wow!

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