famous femmes I would fuck in a heartbeat

July 19, 2007  |  journal entries

I’m particularly thinking of women who are out as lesbian (rather than bi – if I counted bisexual celebrity women, that’d be a very different list), and are particularly feminine. Though, again, it’s harder to identify the femmes in the celebrity world, because all the women are more feminine than usual.

  1. Portia de Rossi

  2. Shar Rednour

  3. Shelley Jackson

  4. Heather Corrina

  5. Leisha Hailey

  6. Tristan Taormino

… the famous femmes are hard to pinpoint! Others that aren’t on the list: Michelle Tea, Cynthia Nixon (really femme?), Kristanna Loken … Sure aren’t very many of ‘em.

Nor are there very many famous butches, really; that’s a short list. I can think of Jenny Shimitzu, k.d. lang, Ellen, Melissa Ferrick, Melissa Etheridge, Rosie, Alix Olson, Michelle Rodriguez, Pamela Means … but most of these women probably wouldn’t identify as butch. That’s still a frightening identity to have in the public eye.

Got any to add?

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  1. so i can't talk to her about it but you can admit it publicly. please, it's all fair game now. ;)

  2. Michelle Rodriguez is deelish. I just watched girl fight last night, too. yum!

  3. None to add, but k.d. is my girl crush.Ahh…she's divine.

  4. wait i just thought of Daniela Sea, right?

  5. maybe she doesn't fit exactly to your list requirements, and maybe she's a bit obvious & therefore passe, but there is a certain something about angelina jolie ….

  6. Ms. A: Daniela! Yes – that's a good one. And actually, she brings one to add to the femme list: Bitch. tongue-tied: not sure about Angie. I definitely thought about her, but she probably wouldn't be on my list, for various reasons I won't go into. Of course she's sexy as hell and I wouldn't kick her outta bed – but.

  7. sarah paulson!! i think she's yummy – but all tied up with cherry jones who is talented as hell, but i don't wanna fuck. *giggles

  8. wow I don’t know her – will have to look her up. who’s the sexy sexy girl on CSI? she’s also in Memento? and then the question is, is she butch or femme (or neither)?

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