a nice little tea party

I attended a lovely little pervert’s tea party on Sunday.I walked in to a lovely circle of sex bloggers and felt like a minor celebrity; there were familiar lovely faces I hadn’t seen recently, and I met a few new fascinating characters too, had some great conversation.

And the food! Lord, you sex bloggers know how to … put things in your mouths.

I was spoiled by two particularly cute boys, who brought me an avocado. And eventually, the out-of-town guest arrived and the evening got quite a bit more interesting.

Thnaks, Viviane & all, for the lovely lovely time.

4 thoughts on “a nice little tea party”

  1. Tess says:

    Thanks, Sinclair. It was so nice seeing you again. So sorry I had to rush off. You looked fucking fantastic, btw.Tess

  2. Viviane says:

    Eh, we made a big deal because we were so, so happy to see you. We missed you lots.And yes, we can cook, too. ;0D

  3. Dylan says:

    Great food, great fun, and sexuality a buzz? What more could one ask for at a Sunday tea party? ;)

  4. Gold says:

    So lovely to meet you. The Literate Pervert and I hope to see you again.-Goldslut

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