a new place to visit

Poetry Notebook is a new project of mine (I know, I know, all these new projects. We’ll see which ones stick). Point being, I put the first poem up there, a prompt from Poetry Thursday to write a poem in dialogue, and I really like the result.

At first there was too much feeling so she
cut out her heart and fed it to a crying lion
cub. She meaning you. Yes. But the lion cub
was really her new kitten. She didn’t have
enough milk. Is that all? No, there were
other things she never had enough of:
greens, window blinds, validation. She isn’t
ready for summer to begin.
She likes the way
the branches make fractal designs in shadow
on her front door. More than the sidewalk?
Yes, and she likes the sounds her shoes
make on pavement. She likes the empty
space surrounding her to be wholly without
meaning. She wants to be alone. That sounds
overly isolationist. Sounds like freedom. And
her hands?
Her hands keep turning into
birds and flying away from her.

…. keep reading “the ending you don’t want to hear”

One thought on “a new place to visit”

  1. birdonthewirenyc says:

    beautiful. i would love to illustrate this. we should collaborate on a project.

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