ungrateful: a faery tale

January 31, 2007  |  poetry

I am not your
prince fucking charming
despite what you might

have heard. I can slay
blue fire breathing
dragons, save kingdoms

but princesses? I rescued
too many of those bitches
one after another

slinking off with my nemesis
to go to some rock concert
while my armor

smoulders. can’t they
at least
have gotten me

a glass of water?

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  1. yeah … I blush. thanks ;)

  2. it’s probably been said enough times to make you blush, if you do blush that is. but my god you are hot! even when you’re sad.
    take good care of you sinclair, please.

  3. Have I told you recently that I especially love when your poetry catches me off guard? 'Cuz I do.

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