flight and migration

A red balloon tattooed on the side of my lower right leg. Small, simple, looked like it was floating, maybe the string wrapped around my ankle a little bit. That’s what I visualized clearly yesterday, randomly. Perhaps a little shadow of a person holding the string on the back of my ankle. I have a few tattoo visions really, though I’m not sure if I’ll ever actually get one. Those with tattoos say they’re addictive.The other one I want right now is a (small) flock of (small) birds (starlings perhaps?) on my left shoulderblade, with one perched, not flying, more on the chest side of my left shoulder.

Apparently, I am being drawn to flight.

3 thoughts on “flight and migration”

  1. Dylan says:

    I've wanted a tattoo a lot like the bird one you described for years. I just haven't seen the right "sketch" and I want a good visual before I go in there and allow someone to mark me for life!

  2. sinclair says:

    me too! I'm not nearly as visual as I am … literary? I guess … so finding/creating the images I've wanted as tattoos has been difficult. the closest thing I've found is this: nikki mcclure's envelope design over at buyolympia. I adore her art in general.

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